Our Story

ToughCookieCo. started as a company to acknowledge all of us that have encountered hardships and difficult circumstances in our life. Just like humans, our pets also have stories. Some come from breeders, others from friends or family, or rescued.This is Cruella, she is my Sheep-a-doodle who I rescued from a place where she was being abused, and malnourished. She has a sensitive tummy, and a disease on her teeth called, "enamel hypoplasia." Despite, her health issues, she is the most loving, sweetest, energetic dog you will meet. Making her name very ironic! I like big mutts & I cannot lie! Like Cruella, our furry friends are Tough Cookies, just like us! Plus they love cookies... I mean who doesn't? This company is designed for our furry little (& not so little) dogs that have a piece of our hearts.  

We love them fur-real!!